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Troops International Jersey
Troops International Jersey

Troops International Jersey



Limited Release // Wms Troops International Jersey


As we aim to pursue our mission to encourage people to live active and healthier lives, there was a part of the puzzle that was missing. As we encourage all the different cycling communities, we love seeing women building their own. This is a big part of our brand’s mission - to support all the different communities and to encourage them to get moving and love cycling.

The Troops design was inspired by the strong friendships brought together by the Two Monkeys brand, our troop of monkeys, from all over the world, that enjoy the banter, the camaraderie and doing what they love - cycling.


3 back pocket with a hidden side zippered security pocket 
Stylish low cut collar 
Comfortable seamless sleeves hems  


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Super comfortable and stretchy material to keep you going regardless of how long the ride may be.

Italian fabric

The Two Monkeys Jerseys are made with the softest and durable Italian fabrics.


Three large laser cut pockets with a bonded hem to pack everything you need for your ride without losing any of it.

Troops International Jersey

Troops International Jersey