We are all experiencing a pretty crazy period in these unprecedented times. With these semi lockdowns, social distancing, shop closures and shut downs, it’s a very challenging time for many. At Two Monkeys, whilst we love riding our bike to help keep a positive mindset in these tough times, we also recognise the need to support businesses that have supported us in our times of need too.

We have relied on our favourite bike mechanics many a time to make sure our bikes were in full working order, and sadly, many of them are hurting right now. From tonight until the end of May, Two Monkeys are offering 30% of the price of all Two Monkeys Products purchased towards any bike shop of your choice.

Put in the name of your bike shop, and their contact email, on the comments section at checkout and we will send an email to your preferred bike shop, and to you, so that we are able to collect their details for us to deposit the funds to. For now, this promotion only applies for Australian businesses but we are exploring how we can partner with other bike shops globally! Let’s help those who help us and let’s all get through this together.