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The Strand Jersey
The Strand Jersey

The Strand Jersey


The Strand   

"Occasionally...what you have to do is go back to the beginning and see everything in a new way" -  Peter Straub

The jersey takes us right back to the inception of TwoMonkeys; our first shop in The Strand. Located in the suburb of Penshurst, this is where we set to work developing a community of like-minded cyclists that shared a passion for cycling, coffee, and conversations. This is the origin story of “The Troops”. Our little army would share local rides, training rides, and a coffee at the local cafes.

While the scope of the brand has changed and we have expanded our focus to a global audience, the concept of a cycling community focused on camaraderie is something we stand by. If you spot a Monkey on.  Bike, you’ve found a friend. We are so honoured that you have supported a local brand, allowing it to travel the world and to experience different cities and local suburbs of like-minded cyclists.

The jersey design was inspired by the birds-eye view of the local landscape, with shades of green colour. On the back of the jersey you can spot the numbers -33.9667450, 151.0885985. Pop them into Google Maps and see what you find 😉


3 back pocket with a hidden side zippered security pocket 
Stylish low cut collar 
Comfortable seamless sleeves hems  


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Super comfortable and stretchy material to keep you going regardless of how long the ride may be.

Italian fabric

The Two Monkeys Jerseys are made with the softest and durable Italian fabrics.


Three large laser cut pockets with a bonded hem to pack everything you need for your ride without losing any of it.

The Strand Jersey

The Strand Jersey