Going Troppo Jersey
Going Troppo Jersey
Going Troppo Jersey
Going Troppo Jersey

Going Troppo Jersey

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Who doesn't "go troppo" for cycling!? For our friends not au-fait with the Aussie slang, going troppo means going crazy. The term gets its origins from stories of people going a bit cuckoo from the tropical heat. 

When we think of the tropics, we conjure up images of fun holidays enjoying the sun, the cool water and of course, fitting in some cycling time amongst the palm trees. 

This colourful jersey in bright contrasts of different shades of blue and green definitely catches the eye. One of our fastest and biggest sellers, I am so pleased we are able to bring this back for a limited time. 

As with all of our jerseys which is designed and made with the cyclist in mind, the Go Troppo jersey features a three-pocket design with larger than the standard size, allowing you to pack all your ride essentials comfortably. There are added reflective strips on the side pockets to ensure safety when night riding. 

Made with carefully selected Italian fabrics that is soft to the touch, it keeps you feeling comfortable and dry. 

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