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The Pro Troops Bib Shorts Olive
The Pro Troops Bib Shorts Olive
The Pro Troops Bib Shorts Olive
The Pro Troops Bib Shorts Olive

The Pro Troops Bib Shorts Olive


The Pro Troops Bibs Shorts 

"Why not yellow" 
"why not break the norm"
"why not embrace the unexpected"

Introducing our top of the line Knicks, designed for professional cyclists who demand nothing but the best for their performance and comfort. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and utilising premium materials, our Knicks are the epitome of cycling excellence.

At the core of our Knicks lies the imported Italian chamois, engineered to deliver exceptional performance and unparalleled comfort. Boasting triple density chamois protection, this innovative feature ensures optimal support and protection during even the most rigorous rides. Additionally, the incorporation of a heart shape zone within the chamois further enhances the overall comfort, offering a tailored fit that riders can rely on for extended periods on the saddle.

To achieve the pinnacle of performance, we utilise only the finest imported Italian lycra in the construction of our Knicks. This premium fabric not only exudes a sense of luxury but also provides the necessary flexibility and breathability for an unrestrained and efficient pedalling motion.

Enhancing the experience further, our Knicks are equipped with Elastic Knick braces Technology. These cutting-edge braces are specially engineered to be thin and unbreakable, granting an unobtrusive yet supportive feel against the skin. Cyclists can rely on this advanced technology for enhanced comfort and stability, ensuring that their focus remains solely on the ride ahead.

Designed with practicality in mind, our Knicks feature a longer hem length that promotes a secure fit without sacrificing flexibility. The thin elastic silicon hem, meticulously laser-cut for precision, guarantees a comfortable grip on the legs, eliminating the need for adjustments during intense rides.

For professionals who demand nothing but the best, our Knicks are the ultimate choice. Combining Italian craftsmanship, innovative technology, and a focus on rider comfort, these cycling essentials are bound to elevate your performance to new heights. Gear up with our Knicks and experience the epitome of cycling excellence on every thrilling journey.

Men's Chamois   Elastic Interface® Made in Italy 

The Elastic Interface® ROAD PERFORMANCE ANATOMIC chamois is just as competitive as the Road Performance Space, one of the most appreciated chamois from the Elastic Interface® range, and it’s oriented to address the needs of riders facing marathons and ultra-cycling races.

Featuring a multidirectional curvature that delivers an outstanding anatomical fit and greater stability in the saddle, the ROAD PERFORMANCE SPACE 2 MEN offers a reinforced pelvic tract characterized by three different foam densities and a wider central channel to improve blood flow and reduces numbness during long-distance rides.


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Super comfortable and stretchy material to keep you going regardless of how long the ride may be.

Italian fabric

The Two Monkeys Jerseys are made with the softest and durable Italian fabrics.


Three large laser cut pockets with a bonded hem to pack everything you need for your ride without losing any of it.

The Pro Troops Bib Shorts Olive

The Pro Troops Bib Shorts Olive